Young People

Welfare & Safety

The BWA is committed to helping every young person in wrestling to achieve his or her potential.

The BWA is also committed to safeguarding young people whether inside or outside the wrestling club environment. Wrestling Clubs have Codes of Conduct for adults and young people that follow Safeguarding Guidelines to help protect them.

Each club has a Club Welfare Officer who will introduce him or herself to you on your first visit to a club. They will also have leaflets/information/advice that will help with your welfare and safety during your wrestling sessions so that you have an enjoyable experience.

Sometimes, however,  a young person may have concerns about how they are being treated whether within or outside of the club or school environment. They may be worried about their own welfare or the welfare of fellow athletes or club members. They may be subject of bullying.

If you have any concerns or you have a problem you can't sort out yourself then you can contact your Club Welfare Officer who will be able to direct you to someone who can. If they are not available then the BWA's Lead Child Protection Officer, Yvonne Ball, can be contacted on either 01246 236443 or 07977201505 or by email:

If you find that you do not wish to speak to someone within the wrestling environment then the NSPCC's Childline is there to help you and is open 24/7.

Childline (England, Scotland & Wales): 0800 1111  or

Northern Ireland Childline: 0504 311555

For other useful information for under 18's:

There is also an Asian NSPCC Helpline where Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, as well as English is spoken: 0800 096 7719