Members and Clubs

Membership Categories and Fees:-

Prospective members can apply for one of the following membership categories: -

Senior Member
Full membership for a person aged 18 years or over
Junior Membership
12 to 17 years
Student Membership
For a person aged 18 years and over in full-time education
[NB 1 below to validate membership]
School Child
Person aged under 12.
Associate Membership
Any person who is NOT a competitor, coach, competition official, club official, regional official, BWA Board Member. (E.g. Club Safeguarding Officer, video operator, parent of competitor etc.) Gives  access to BWA educational courses, e.g. Safeguarding course.

Recreational Membership
Anybody who has been training for more than six weeks and wishes to continue.  Anyone who wishes to take part in the BWA Award Scheme but does not wish to participate in competitions.  Does not give access to any BWA educational courses.


Bloc Membership
Bloc Membership provides insurance cover under BWA policies for the initial six weeks of training ONLY (forms must be returned on monthly basis to the Membership Secretary so that the BWA is aware of numbers and names)



 £190 *

* The Club Affiliation rate has been held at £190 for 2015, with no rise from 2014 (so same rate for 4 years) in recognition by the BWA Board of feedback from clubs that this is a significant amount of money to find

** Membership fees held at 2015 rate for 2016 and 2017 (Same rate for 3 years, endorsed by December 2016 Board)


1. Students MUST forward a copy of their Student Union Card to the Membership Secretary to validate membership before their application can be approved [Follow link to Contact Us for address]

2. Membership Categories and Electoral Processes

  • to speak and vote at meetings, to stand for election or to nominate fellow members for elected posts, it is necessary to be over 18 and have Full British Wrestling Association membership, (e.g. Senior, Student, Honorary)

3. Club Choice and Transfer

  • Upon registration, a member chooses a club or region.
  • The member remains with their choice until their annual membership renewal date. At this time they can choose to change their choice of club by informing the membership secretary within 2 weeks of renewal.
  • If there is a reason to change the choice of club before the renewal date, permission is required from the original and destination clubs (by email to membership secretary)


  1. An administration fee for the membership database and processing of e-payments is paid to IMG Sports Technology Group and is included in the membership fee
  2. The benefits of individual membership are given at "Benefits of Membership"
  3. Clubs continue to register via a paper application form and payment should be made by cheque, payable to ‘BWA Ltd’. Club membership runs from 1 January to 31 December of the year