Young People

British Wrestling Awards Scheme

A project, underway since the beginning of 2009, has looked at a new British Wrestling Awards Framework to quantify and reward the early stages of wrestling.

The project team, led by Malcolm Morley, included Trevor Hoskins, Eddy Kavanagh and Tony Phillips.  Expert input was given from academics in the Ukraine and Loughborough, as well as significant assistance from Anatolii Kharytoniuk, England National Coach.

A UWW Awards Framework is available to adopt "off the shelf," but its entry-level is too difficult for children in schools to achieve in 6/8 weeks, in-curriculum/ after-school sessions.

So the BWA team pioneered an initial, extra, "White Award" that gives an attainable target for school sessions. Children are then well placed with a more standard foundation knowledge of grips, stance, basic exercises and moves, which equips them to progress in Clubs to the British Wrestling Yellow Award and upwards.

Key to the adoption of the British Wrestling Awards Framework is consistent assessment. Coaches qualified under the UKCC Level Two coaching award are able to assess in their clubs for the first three levels of the British Wrestling Awards Framework, starting at the 'White' level.

During consultations across the Home Nations, about the new British Wrestling Awards Framework, everyone agreed the British Wrestling Awards Framework was a very positive step forward.

Patches for the awards are available from the British Wrestling Administrator @ £5 each.

 201612 Award Summary