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Insurance - What it covers

In order to protect the integrity of the sport the British Wrestling Association (BWA) provides Liability Insurance for the Association, its officials, its coaches and its members whilst undertaking an authorised or recognised British Wrestling activity.

Club Secretaries and Coaches should ensure that all those taking part in wrestling activities are members of the BWA.

In order to receive benefit of the BWA member insurances you must be a current member of the Association at the time of the incident giving rise to a claim

Main areas of cover – a summary

1. Coaches’ Insurance Cover

Coaches must be members of the BWA and certified and recognised Coaches of the Association for cover to apply

Professional Liability & Indemnity cover to any third party for defence costs and compensatory awards arising from death, injury illness, disease or accidental loss or damage to property including costs and expenses incurred arising from coaching, tuition advice, design or specification given

Limits of Indemnity £5,000,000 any one claim for Public Liability but limited to this amount in the aggregate for Professional Indemnity cover

2. Members’ Insurance Cover

Individuals must be members of the BWA for cover to apply

Cover is provided for Members’ liability to any third party for death, injury, illness, disease or accidental loss or damage to property, including costs and expenses incurred arising from participation in BWA activities anywhere in the world in respect of a BWA’s UK domiciled members

Limit of Liability £5,000,000 any one claim

 3. Travel Cover

Individuals must be members of the BWA and must obtain prior permission from the BWA before departure for cover to apply

The BWA provides a business travel and medical expenses cover for any members whilst travelling outside the UK and representing the Association.

Benefits: Personal Accident Benefits and General travel benefits including cover for property and medical expenses including repatriation to UK

General Information

It is believed that this policy offers wide protection to the Association and its members.

Please ensure that any member or representative of the BWA, reports immediately to the Association and its brokers Endsleigh Insurance Brokers, any incident that could give rise to a claim or possible claim.

Any correspondence in connection with an incident involving a member should be sent, unanswered, to the Association or its brokers Endsleigh Insurance Brokers.

Under no circumstances should liability be admitted or any offer of payment made by or on behalf of the Association or a member to any third / other party.

Contact details

Endsleigh Sports Team
Phone: 01242 866789
Email: sports@endsleigh.co.uk

(Copy policy and full details of cover can be provided on request)