GB Teams

Olympics and London 2012

In the London 2012 Olympics, British Wrestling fielded its first athlete in since the 2004 Olympics, and the first ever Team GB female wrestler since the introduction of female wrestling to the Olympics, also in 2004.

Wrestlers who sought a Team GB place for London 2012 outside of the International Federation (FILA) qualification tournaments process had to achieve stringent criteria laid down by the BOA.

Unfortunately, these criteria remained just beyond the reach of members of the Performance Programme.

Olga Butkevych was the most accomplished wrestler available to British Wrestling. Her 11th place out of 19 participants at 55kg is testimony to the huge challenge presented by Olympic-level competition.

Olga went on to achieve a Bronze Medal (59kg) in the 2012 World Championships held in September in Edmonton, Canada.  On her way to Bronze, Olga defeated the London 2012 Bronze medallist (55kg).