About British Wrestling

British Wrestling Association Board


Chair of The Board Jem Lawson
3x Non-Executive Directors (V)
Marketing and Communications
Business and Legal

Daniela Bauch
Shaherah Jordan
Elizabeth Riley

4x Home Nation Directors
Wales (and Chair of N&R Committee)
N Ireland

Ian Wiggett
Tony Melling
Vasile Jornea

CE Colin Nicholson


Other responsibilities:

Senior Independent Director:
Board Equality and Diversity Champion:
Safeguarding and Vulnerable Adults Champion:



Shaherah Jordan
Daniela Bauch

Shaherah Jordan


Functions of the Board (Extract from 2017 BWA Articles)

6.11      Subject to the Acts and these Articles, the business of the Association will be managed by the Board, for which purpose it may exercise all of the powers of the Association. Such business will include (without limitation):


(a)       approving the Association's strategy, management policies, business plan and financial budgets;
(b)       receiving reports and approving and making recommendations in relation to the audit of the Association;
(c)       finalising and presenting the annual report and accounts for approval by the Voting Members at the annual general meeting;
(d)       administering the finances and business performance of the Association;
(e)       arranging the annual general meeting and other general meetings in accordance with these Articles;
(f)        approving, issuing, amending and rescinding Regulations;
(g)       appointing committees and sub-committees pursuant to Article 8;
(h)      determining the membership subscriptions payable by the Voting Members;
(i)        appointing the auditors and determining their remuneration; and
(j)         supervising the CEO and his/her staff in the administration of the affairs of the Association.