About British Wrestling

British Wrestling Association Board


Chair of The Board Jem Lawson

Chair of Nations & Regions (V)

Ian Wiggett
2x Nations & Regions Directors (V)
Nominee 1
Nominee 2

Trevor Hoskins
Jatinder Rakhra

3x Non-Executive Directors (V)
Marketing and Communications
Business and Legal

Daniela Bauch
Shaherah Jordan
Elizabeth Riley
CE (P) Colin Nicholson
Performance Director (V) TBA (note 1)

Additional Directors 
(note 2)
Additional Director 1
Additional Director 2

Not filled
Not filled


(V) voluntary position
(P) paid position
British Wrestling's Articles of Association are currently being revised which will result in changes to the make-up of the Board. 

Functions of the Board
As per the Articles of Association, the specific functions of the Board will include: -

9.2.1 to approve the Association’s strategy, management policies, business plan and financial budgets;

9.2.2 to receive reports and to make approvals and recommendations in relation to audit of the Association;

9.2.3 to finalise and present the Annual Report and accounts for approval by the Voting Members in Annual General Meeting;

9.2.4 to administer the finances and business performance of the Association, with a view to maximising the capital and income of the Association; and

9.2.5 arrange the Annual General meeting and other General Meetings in accordance with these Articles.


Note 1:
Eric Ciake holds the England Talent Lead role which is not a Board position

Note 2: Additional Directors
10.26 The Board may appoint up to two additional directors to the Board where particular identified additional skills are required. These Additional Directors shall not have a vote on the Board.

Note 3: Published information about the percentage of women on the  Board
With nine Board positions (one currently vacant) the current percentage of women on the Board is 30%