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201504 British Sambo Championships 2015 a
16 Apr 2015 Success in Sambo British Championship

Northern Ireland wrestlers try their hand at cross-training with Sambo Wrestling

201503 Eng Jun/Sen 1
9 Mar 2015 2015 Competition Season off to a cracking start

English Senior & Junior Championships staged with record entry

201502 Sharples Mums and Toddlers 1
6 Mar 2015 Mums and toddlers take part in wrestling activities

A first as a wrestling club hosts its local mothers and toddlers group...

British Wrestling
2 Mar 2015 Board Meeting endorses change

Changes to build structures for the future...

17 Jan 2015 UWW Changes to mats, uniforms and singlets

United World Wrestling signals changes in the presentation of wrestling...

WADA 2015 d
17 Jan 2015 Say NO to doping!

World Anti-Doping 2015 Rule Changes mean rules tightened and penalties lengthened