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201602 Charlie Bowling Hubert Flatz a
8 Feb 2016 NTS Medals in Austria

Bronze medal for Charlie Bowling and Ben Pollin picks up Gold...

201602 Barton vision
8 Feb 2016 Barton Athletic Club Success

Barton Athletic Club successful in bid to Sports England for £500,000 towards the overall new club project costs of £750,000...

201602 Barry at 2021 CWYG Belfast announcement
2 Feb 2016 Belfast for 2021 Youth Games

Belfast scoops 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games...

Funeral Cross RIP
22 Jan 2016 David Currie Snr.

Sad death of David Currie Snr.

UFC EMEA chief James Elliott
21 Jan 2016 UFC and British Wrestling Association

UFC and British Wrestling Association announce partnership... 

Wigan and Leigh
15 Jan 2016 Summary of 2015 Competition Participation Survey

Wigan & Leigh Survey on barriers to competition participation attracts thoughtful responses…