London 2012 c

Club bids for Legacy Items from London 2012

24 Sep 2012

LOCOG have provided a spreadsheet of wrestling items from London 2012 that is their contribution to a legacy for wrestling in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  The list of items is available in Excel and PDF form below.

Please could Clubs make bids for any items via their Nations and Regions representative by Monday 1st October.

Amendment 26th Sept:
Clubs need to state number of items they require.  They will need to collect the items for which they have successfully bid, on a specified date and time which will be defined by LOCOG, from a warehouse in Essex.  If demand by clubs exceeds supply, a small charge will be levied appropriate to the item until supply and demand is balanced.

There has been specific interest in mats.  For these, the situation is laid out below:-

LOCOG only ever rented the mats, weighing machines and scoreboards so these are not available from LOCOG.  However, for the mats alone, FILA has successfully negotiated a Euro4,000 price from the mat supplier for each of the 16x 12x12m mats and 3x hexagonal competition mats and stated that it will kindly match to 50%, funding identified by the British Wrestling Association.

Representatives of the Nations have been asked to approach their Sports Councils to identify whether any Sport Council funding is available to put against the FILA offer.  Some of these negotiations are proceeding very favourably.

The BWA will then work to ensure an equitable split between the BWA and its Nations and Regions