201109 World Championships Arena

Senior World Championships Update

12 Sep 2011

First off for GBR in this year's Senior World Championships was Myroslav Dykun, in Greco-Roman 66kg.

Myroslav's was a very close match with him taking the lead over Edgaras Venckaitis of Lithuania in the first round.  The second round was no pushover by Venckaitis as Myroslav was winning 1-0 when he made an error which meant that the Lithuanian could take the advantage and score 3 points.  The third round was also close, with Venckaitis achieving the vital point.

Mon 12th
66kg Myroslav Dykun 28/52
'v' Lithuania:  Lost: 2-1; 2-3; 0-1 (link)

Two of our young athletes gained their first experience to a senior World Championship on Saturday when Craig McKenna competed in the 55kg Freestyle tournament and Sarah Jones competed in the 67kg female weight class.

Craig came up against a strong Namibian opponent in his first round match but wrestled well scoring in both rounds but eventually lost his match to Naatele Shilmele by 7 -3 and 3-2. Craig will gain a great deal from this experience and exposure to these World Championships.

Sarah was drawn against a tough Japanese opponent in her first round match. Sarah fought hard to penetrate the defences of her opponent but unfortunately was unable to do so and evetually lost the match to Yoshiko Inoue by 2-0 and 2-0.

Both Craig and Sarah will have gained a great deal from their exposure to a senior World Championships and hopefully will build on this experience for the future.

Fri 16th
Female Wrestling
67kg Sarah Jones 12/14
'v' Japan: Lost: 0-2; 0-2 (link)

Fri 16th
55kg Craig McKenna 24/45
'v' Namibia: Lost: 3-7; 2-3 (link)

Sat 17th
60kg Oleksandr Madyarchyk  18/47
'v' Chad: Won: 6-0; 2-0 (link)
'v' Belarus: Lost: 2-4; 1:4

Sat 17th
84kg Nathaniel Akerman 36/45
'v' Latvia: Lost: 0-1; 0-1 (link)

Sat 17th
96kg Leon Rattigan 25/41
'v' India: Lost: 0-1; 1-0; 0-1 (link)

Sun 18th
74kg Philip Roberts 45/45
'v' Germany: Lost 0-6; 0-7 (link)



GBR Timetable:

Mon 12th pm: 13.30-18.30 (local time)
GR-66kg Myroslav Dykun
Elimination rounds and repechage GR – cat 55-66-96kg

Fri 16th 14.00-19.00 (local time)
FW-67kg Sarah Jones
FS-55kg Craig McKenna
Elimination Rounds & repechage FW cat 67-72 kg + FS cat 55 kg

Sat 17th 14.00-19.00 (local time)
FS-60kg Oleksandr Madyarchyk
FS-84kg Nathaniel Akerman
FS-96kg Leon Rattigan
Elimination rounds and repechage FS – cat 60-84-96 kg

Sun 18th 14.00-19.00 (local time)
FS-74kg Philip Roberts
Elimination rounds and repechage FS - cat 66-74-120 kg