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What is the Anti-Doping Policy of British Wrestling?

British Wrestling adopts, in full, the policies of the UK Anti-Doping Organisation (UKAD).

In common with many other sports, British Wrestling has handed over management of anti-doping to the UKAD.

Should there be any disparities between British Wrestling policy and UKAD policy, or should individuals be in any doubt, they should consult the UKAD website.  The information on the UKAD website takes precedence.

Follow this link to the UKAD official website

Follow this link to the British Wrestling Policies web-page which includes the British Wrestling Anti-Doping Policy

What does UK Anti-Doping Organisation (UKAD) expect of a National Governing Body (NGB)?

As per the UKAD’s published policy British Wrestling, as the National Governing Body, shall respect and promote the principles of the UKAD’s policy, including recognising UK Anti-Doping as the National Anti-Doping Organisation for the United Kingdom and fully supporting the efforts of UK Anti-Doping in the fight against doping in sport.

What is the policy about publicising proven anti-doping cases?

Paragraph 4.7.3 of UK Anti-Doping's (UKAD’s) policy states: -

“Where it has been determined, at first instance or on appeal, that an antidoping rule violation has been committed, the decision shall be disclosed publicly by the National Governing Body (NGB) and/or UK Anti-Doping, unless the person who is the subject of the decision has a right of appeal against the decision, in which case the decision shall not be disclosed (unless the applicable rules say otherwise) (a) until the deadline for appeal has passed and no appeal has been filed; or (b) if an appeal is filed, unless and until the decision that an anti-doping rule violation was committed is affirmed on appeal.

Communication of Anti-Doping violations by British Wrestling will be in line with UK Anti-Doping and International Federation Guidelines, namely publication of the confirmed violation within 20 days. This will most likely be in the form of a news item on the BWA Website, utilising UKAD wording and links to the UKAD public announcement.

What is the Anti-Doping education policy of British Wrestling?

British Wrestling will work with UK Anti-Doping on appropriate education and awareness activities for the membership.

It is intended that: -

  • there will be a British Wrestling web-page devoted to Anti-Doping matters which will be developed with the support of UKAD. This page will have links to UKAD for further information
  • the on-line [Competition Entry Form] will include a statement about anti-doping, with links to the UKAD list of banned substances and to the British Wrestling web-page devoted to Anti-Doping matters