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Why does GB have only three Host Country Places (also known as wild-cards) for London 2012, when China had seven for the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

The understanding of the British Wrestling Association is that the reduction, from the last Olympics to this next, is due to moves by FILA/IOC to get a more even global representation, i.e. Europe is already highly represented in wrestling in the Olympics compared to Asia, Africa and Oceania.

FILA and the IOC have changed these qualification regulations to raise the number of places available to these under-represented continents.

The BOA is involved in ensuring that host nation places are only filled by those that can deliver a creditable performance.

Refer to FILA website for the official word on the matter:

If the host country has not qualified any athletes, it will have at its disposition three places that it will be able to use at its choice in three different events. For each place obtained by the host country in the qualification phase, one of these three reserved places will be allocated to the tripartite commission for allocation in accordance with the set principles. The number of places allocated to the tripartite commission may not be higher than three."

Will there be an Olympic Test event in UK prior to London 2012?

The test event is the responsibility of LOCOG (London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games).   The event took take place in the ExCel Arena, the Olympic venue, in December 2011.

The Test event took the form of an Invitational International Competititon. The invited countries were at the discretion of LOCOG.

How will athletes for GB Host Country Places be selected and what standard does an athlete need to be to get a Host Country Place?

As the National Olympic Committee for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the British Olympic Association (BOA,) among its many duties, is responsible for approving the eligibility and entry of all British athletes who compete as members of Team GB at the Olympic Games.

For the London 2012 Olympic Games, the BOA has stipulated that any sport/athlete seeking to utilise a Host Nation Qualification Place must first demonstrate the ability to deliver a credible performance during the London 2012 Games.

The final selection policy, "Selection Policy for the British Wrestling Team at the London 2012 Olympic Games - current v4" document will contain the final word on this subject.

How will athlete selection for the Olympic Qualification events be managed?

The process to select athletes for the Olympic Qualification Events will be the process laid out in the Major Events Selection policy.

It is likely there will be larger GBR teams than usual in order to put the maximum number of individuals in the position from which they could qualify.