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Governance & Modernisation FAQs

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What is the position of the Directors under the prior BWA Council?

The historic BWA council is dissolved, but there is the ability to call a meeting prior to the formation of the new BWA Board.

How do the BWA financial accounts work?

Accounts are produced quarterly and annually.  Every quarter a paid accountant goes through the accounts and produces the quarterly information.  Before the annual accounts are issued they are audited and lodged at Companies House

In the BWA modernisation process, when did it start, when did the vote relinquishing power of the prior Council and who was in favour?

At the Dec 2006 Council meeting there was a discussion entitled “Review of Governance and Policies.”  “…in the run up to 2012 the BWA had a unique opportunity to develop our sport…. …Directors of the BWA … …should all be tasked with contributing in some way to the development of wrestling… …one of the first things that must be done is to review the Articles of Association (Constitution) and other policies ensuring that there is a meaningful, workable and dynamic volunteer base. He hoped that Council would agree to evaluate and progress this over the coming months…”

A Steering Group was set up to draw up new Articles of Association, the members of which were:

  • Outside BWA: Philip Kimberly; Bev Salt; Roger Moreland (Sports consultant at Performance Matters)
  • Nations & Regions: Gerry Malone (Scotland); Ellen Morris (North)· Athletes: Chloe Spiteri
  • Old Executive: Malcolm Morley (Chair); Sandy McNeil (Hon Treasurer); Tony Melling (Vice Chair)

The new Articles of Association were adopted, unopposed, at the Sept 2008 AGM