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Funding, UK Sport and Sport England FAQs

What are UK Sportís Objectives in Funding British Wrestling?

UK Sport’s mission is to support the delivery of medal success at the world’s most significant sporting events – principally the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  To achieve this it invests around £100m annually in the most talented athletes across all the summer Olympic and Paralympic sports and the best performing winter sports.

The majority of its work and investment is through the World Class Performance Programme, investing directly in sports (via National Governing Bodies) and athletes to support their medal winning campaigns.  However, equally critical work takes place to ensure that our coaching, scientific and medical support continues to develop at a pace that keeps the UK at the forefront of the world’s best practice.  More info at: http://www.uksport.gov.uk/pages/winning_medals_home/

The basis for the size of awards is based on past actual medal success and future potential medal success at world-class, especially Olympic, events.

UK Sport also leads the campaign to bring strategically important sporting events to our shores.  Working in partnership with national governing bodies, cities & regions and home country agencies, UK Sport co-ordinates the UK’s efforts to bid for and stage major events on home soil.  An example of this in 2008 was the GB Cup held in Sheffield.

What are UK Sportís Objectives in Funding World Class events in Britain?

UK Sport leads the campaign to bring strategically important sporting events to our shores.  Working in partnership with national governing bodies, cities & regions and home country agencies, UK Sport co-ordinates the UK’s efforts to bid for and stage major events on home soil.  Examples of these in 2008 and 2010 are the GB Cup held in Sheffield.

UK Sport supports events through the National Lottery funded World Class Events Programme.  This programme distributes approximately £4m of Lottery funding each year to support the bidding and staging costs of major events on home soil, as well as providing specialist support to organisers.  Up to 60 events across 30 sports are supported by UK Sport from 2010 until the London 21012 Olympics and Paralympic Games, highlighting the scale and diversity of the programme.

The event gives British Athletes the chance to compete against some of the best in the World in front of a home crowd - a valuable experience not just for them but for the officials and volunteers as well.

British Wrestling benefits from the World Class Events Programme through the achievment of the objectives set out above.  Any finances associated with these events is entirely tied to the events.

There is no question of British Wrestling gaining any money from the World Class Events Programme that could be spent on any other purpose than world class events.  In other words, no GB Cup would mean no money from The World Class Events Programme.  Any suggestion that the budget for the GB Cup could have been made available for any other purpose, e.g. for grassroots wrestling, is incorrect.  Funding for grassroots wrestling comes from other sources, e.g. Sport England, see FAQ entitled: "What are Sport England’s objectives in direct funding of Wrestling?"

What are Sport Englandís objectives in direct funding of Wrestling?

Sport England is the government agency responsible for developing a world-class community sport system. Sport England’s current funding for wrestling is directed to the 16+ year-old population as part of the Government initiative to get 500,000 more people participating in sport. It has set targets around (a) Growing the numbers of people taking part in wrestling, (b) Sustaining participation in wrestling through enhancing the experiences of those taking part so that they do not “drop-off,” and (c) Improving the talent development system such that participants with talent are able to Excel and with the potential of joining the world class performance programme funded by UK Sport.

Sport England funds cannot be used by BWA to fund school –based activity. It is Youth Sport Trust that funds school-based activity directly into schools. County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) can support delivery of wrestling activity at a local level, including brokering relationships between the BWA and schools. The BWA has a role here to engage with CSPs, and they in turn – where agreements exist – will broker relationships with Local Authorities, Primary Care Trusts and Wrestling Clubs.

Sport England funds cannot be used by BWA to fund the World Class Programme, individual athletes, projects outside of England or the British Academy of Wrestling.

2009 is the first occasion in recent times that the sport of wrestling has received a grant from Sport England. The 2005/06 Active People survey does not accurately identify wrestlers in England because of the low numbers who currently participate in the sport, and the award recognises that the NGB is seeking to develop an infrastructure capable of increasing participation in wrestling, supporting sustained growth in participation, and increasing the number of eligible athletes for progression in the National Performance Programme.

This award is in addition to the Commonwealth Games funding, already committed to the NGB

What does the BWA have to change in response to the reduction in funding?

The BWA has to downsize its plans for the next quadrennial (2009-2013).  For the World Class Performance Programme sponsored by UK Sport, the main effects are fewer funded athletes, fewer support staff and a reduced sports medicine programme.  Examples include appointment of one coach not two and having a part-time, voluntary, Performance Director rather than a full-time paid post.  For the grass roots programme sponsored by Sport England, the desired level of Development Officer support is much reduced and activities will have to be largely focused on Sport England’s main goal of an increase in the number of 16yrs-and-over people doing more sport.

What funding is available from BWA for individuals participating in World Class Events, e.g. air tickets etc.?

The package of support and benefits to the members of the National Performance Squad is given below. The services are designed to support the athlete in delivering the personal performance and development goals agreed in the Athlete’s individual Performance Plan and therefore, the level or amount by which each Athlete is entitled to enjoy any of the benefits is determined on a case by case basis:

  1. Training, Competition and Personal Development Planning & Review
  2. Coaching Support
  3. Team Clothing & Equipment
  4. Sports Science Support
  5. Medical Services
  6. Travel & Accommodation expenses at designated camps & events
  7. WCP Information & Advice
  8. BOA/BPA Passport Scheme
  9. Athlete Personal Award funding (provided by UK Sport, not the NGB, under the terms of an APA Funding Agreement)

The BWA is unable to fund individuals outside the National Performance Squad, and the prime support for these individuals comes from parents and sponsorship

What funding has been targeted at grass roots development of clubs and schools during the 2009-20013 quadrennial?

Sport England funding via National Governing bodies is targeted at the 16 yrs and over age group i.e. higher education and universities. They want to:

  • GROW: Increase in number of 16+ participating in sport at least 1 x week, as measured Sport England’s in Active People’s Survey
  • SUSTAIN: Improve participants’ satisfaction with quality of their sporting experience as measure by a satisfaction survey
  • EXCEL: Increase number of athletes on Performance Pathway capable of competing at European and World Level, including female/BME (black, minority, ethnic) athletes

The detailed plans on use of funding to deliver these targets still needs to be confirmed