2017 British Juniors

3 Dec 2017

25k  Alice Briffa  Phoebe Cocker  Amelia Berry 
  Aspull Warriors  Sharples  Sharples 
29k  Simarpreet Kaur  Ruby Leader   
  Bolton  Slough   
44k  Megan Kipling  Shannon Harrison   
  Bolton  M&W   
49k  Kaur Manpreet     
55k  Kaur Bachan     
63k  Lucy McGrath  Kelsey Barnes   
  Bolton  Sharples   
55k  Ella Johnson  Erin Mortimer   
  Aspull Warriors  V Wrestling   
80k  Amanda Mikelsone  Chelsea Elliott   
  Bradford  M&W   
25k  Harry Meadows  Regan Greeley  Ishmael Brown 
  Bolton  Aspull Warriors  Unattached 
28k  Danoush Jowkar  Declan Metcalf  Yaseen Bijbulatov 
  City of Manchester  Aspull Warriors  City of Manchester 
29k  Essa Sulaiman  Hamza Bijbulatov  Daleep Singh 
  Impact  City of Manchester  Slough 
32k  Marshall Everett-Jones  Johal Diyaal   
  Manchester Y  Slough   
32k  Logan Bird  Arin Sekirden  Leo Arzu 
  W&L  Bolton  Unattached 
35k  Liam Husband  Umar Dadzhiev  Jeevan Khera 
  Bolton  Legion  Slough 
35k  Muhammed Hussain  Charlie Meadows  Bradley Metcalfe 
  Unattached  Bolton  Aspull Warriors 
36k  Tommy Costello  Mohammed Yusuf  Felix Woodward 
  Bolton  Impact  M&W 
40k  Abubakr Gadzhiev  Oliver Stirrup  Kaie Stesel 
  Legion  Aspull Warriors  W&L 
40k  Joe Seddon  Tamas Jakab  Shamil Gadzhiev 
  W&L  Unattached  Legion 
44k  Alfie Gallagher  Taylor Everett-Jones   
  Manchester Y  Manchester Y   
45k  Malachy O'Rourke  Joshua Moore  Ismaeel Amin 
  Sharples  Sharples  Unattached 
46k  Leon Etko  Colby Taylor  Ismaeel Sulaimaan 
  V Wrestling  V Wrestling  Impact 
50k  Harvey Ridings  Munkhsaikhan Jangar  Jordan Stott 
  Waterside Sharks  City of Manchester  Aspull Warriors 
51k  Jack Grundy  Riley Stesel  Taha Kheir 
  W&L  W&L  Unattached 
53k  Cameron Leader  Koen Perry  Levi Evans 
  Bolton  Aspull Warriors  Unattached 
54k  James Smith  Yahia Tehami  Buyanbaatar 
  Aspull Warriors  Brondesbury College  City of Manchester 
55k  Georgi Nikolov  Gurjoth Hothi   
  West London  Slough   
60k  Jack Costello  Michael Gerry Jack Porter   
  Bolton  W&L   
60k  Ibragim Ibragimov  Ibrahim Miah  Sam Pollin 
  City of Manchester  Legion  Waterside Sharks 
61k  Cameron Ashcroft  Stivan Ivanov  Aaron Jones 
  W&L  City of Manchester  Unattached 
61k  Ede Jakab  Abdullah Hanan  Bereket Panicucci 
  Unattached  Brondesbury College  Unattached 
65k  Ellis Crossley  James Fairhurst  Gareth Owen 
  Sharples  Aspull Warriors  Unattached 
65k  Mukammad Mokaev  Sol Simmons  Ehsan Hussain 
  City of Manchester  Unattached  Impact 
69k  Homam Limam  William Smith  Zlatomir Stoyanov 
  Brondesbury College  West London  Slough 
74k  Abdullah Bhaijee  Shaun Thorpe  Saroop Bal 
  Legion  M&W  Slough 
79k  Jacob Gavan  Dominic McKay   
  City of Manchester  Waterside Sharks   
82k  Salem Mohammed  Yusuf Enver  Adam Berry 
  Unattached  Brondesbury College  Aspull Warriors 
89k  Muhammad Abu bakar  Nathan Livesey   
  Unattached  Bolton   
94k  Hamza Khan  Alisher Nazhmudinov   
  Unattached  Manchester Y   
101k  Ben Pollin  Daniel Owen   
  Waterside Sharks  Unattached   


Sophia Gardens


Entry Regulations
Date of Competition
Sunday 3rd December 2017
Venue & Weigh-In
Sport Wales National Sports Centre
Sophia Gardens
CF11 9SW
Ages & Weights
Juniors: Male and Female
Any person 8yrs to 19yrs inclusive on the date of competition
All Junior Wrestlers to be matched on the day in accordance with current BWA guidelines
Saturday 2nd Dec 2017 1900-20.30hrs
Online Entries Only £22
Click Here to enter the competition
Competitors can only be entered on-line if their membership is valid for 2017. Any person not registered or whose entry has not been received by the closing date will not be allowed to participate.
This Competition is not suitable as a first Competition.
Coaches Click Here to register
All other enquiries Contact
Mobile: 07772 530574
Closing Date for Entries
@1700hrs on Wednesday 29th Nov 2017
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
(any groups of 8+  2 Bronze)
Competition Director
Sue Jones 07772 530574 welshwrestling@hotmail.co.uk
Official in Charge
Ian Wiggett
Designated Safeguarding Officer
Sharon Jones
All Club Secretaries are reminded that all Clubs, Coaches, Competitors and Officials must be registered with the B.W.A. for 2017
Coaches must display their Coach ID.
Wrestling Commences at
Sunday 3rd December 2017 at 0900hrs
Adults £2.00 Children £1.00

 Regulations to follow in due course