English Senior Championships

22 May 2010

48K  Y. Stadnik  F. Robertson  K. Matharu 
  Academy  Palace of Arts  Wrexham 
51K  D. Robertson  J. Madyarchyk  L. Farrell 
  Palace of Arts  Academy  Sharples 
59K  A. Buriatynska  L. Salmon  K. Marsh 
  Academy  Aspull  Palace of Arts 
63K  O. Buktevych  E. Kay   
  Academy  Sharples   
67K  E. Gittins  S. Connolly  C. Spiteri 
  Unattached  AJ Wrestling  Kensington 
72K  K. Jones     
  Palace of Arts     
55K  K. Krastanov  S. Gregory  C. Pilling 
  Academy  Academy  Welsh C of E 
60K  O. Madyarchyk  T. Bosson  L. Cristian 
  Academy  Newcastle  Team USB 
66K  P. Roberts  L. Kumbarov  B. Aldamov 
  Academy  LAW  Team USB 
74K  M. Dykun  M. Grundy  C. Libor 
  Academy  W & L  Nottingham 
84K  J. Yarashev  S. Malitsaev  O. Druzhynets 
  Team USB  Nottingham  Academy 
96K  L. Rattigan  J. Bhullar  M. Montgomery 
  Academy  Unattached  Redhog 
120K  M. Cocker  I. Tshikeva  H. Farahani 
  Bolton  Haringey  Unattached 

The English Senior Freestyle Wrestling Championships was held on 22/23 May 2010 at the NEC Arena, Birmingham as part of a multi-discipline show entitled 'Bodypower' including boxing, weightlifting and martial arts.

Prizes were presented by Albert Aspen, Bronze medal winner in the Featherweight 62K category at three consecutive Commonwealth Games in 1958, 1962 and 1966.  Albert's son Brian (Bantamweight 57K) also won three Commonwealth Medals including Gold in 1982.  The Championships were a qualification event for aspiring competitors for the forthcoming Delhi Commonwealth Games in October and were attended by representatives from Commonwealth England and UK Sport.

British Wrestling's Chairman writes "The show was well attended over the two days and wrestling certainly attracted more than its share of interested spectators. British Wrestling took this opportunity to showcase our sport to the wider public and from that point of view it was a huge success.

The standard of British wrestling continues to improve. There were some very competitive and tight matches particularly in the 60K, 66K, 74K and 84K categories in the men's division with the eventual winner of each cateory being in doubt until the final whistle.

My two best wrestlers of the event were Anastasia Buriatynska in the women's division and Philip Roberts in the mens. To me the most improved athlete was Louisa Salmon.

Overall it was a very enjoyable two days of wrestling. I would like to thank the organisers of 'Bodypower' for allowing us to showcase our event and to the BWA volunteers, officials and all the competitors and coaches who made the English Seniors a resounding success.'

Malcolm Morley

Photos of Championship available via "On The Mat" and "Nigel Farrow Photography." 

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  • Event Title: English Senior Championships
  • Start Date: 22 May 2010
  • End Date: 23 May 2010
  • Venue:
    B40 1NT
  • Website:
  • Contact: Yvonne Ball
  • Email: admin@britishwrestling.org